What is Prometheus


The PROMETHEUS 02 tattoo machine, the last born is the final step of twenty years of research in trying to solve all those problems that the practice of tattooing imposed in relation to the available technology so far. This raises a tattoo machine that does not need external power therefore does not need the Clipcord nor the pedal.

These three elements, which are now indispensable for the operation of a tattoo machines of any type, as well as having a cost, impose certain health prophylaxis procedures to protect them from cross-contamination during the execution of a tattoo. They also make the workstation overwhelming of wires and devices limiting the freedom of tattoist movement around the client’s body.

Powered by a common 9V battery (rechargeable or not) allows great freedom of use. The battery is easily accessible and free of any maintenance, as well as extremely economical and environmentally friendly. It provides a range of up to 8 hours of continuous work and over using PROMETHEUS lithium batteries.

The tattoo machine body is made of a special, extremely tough and lightweight polymer that offers total freedom of design. We have pushed the most modern 3D printing technologies to the max, reaching a level of precision and accuracy ever achieved before.

The ergonomics and design of the PROMETHEUS 02 have been designed to achieve an extraordinary balance, a surprising lightness and a remarkable comfort. Thanks to the real wood inserts, special customizations are possible with laser engraving, however, guaranteeing waterproofing to external agents to which the machine may come into contact during work.